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The latest EM Technology advancements, developed to deliver energy solutions and climate mitigation tools for today and tomorrow.

Allton is a Technology and Service company that specialises in marine subsurface EM acquisition and imaging for E&P, CO₂ Measurement, Monitoring & Verification (MMV) for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), and Marine Mineral Exploration.

A competency leader in its field, Allton’s R&D Team develops new critical EM technologies to meet future energy demands and address climate mitigation challenges.

Aker BP and Allton Enter into an R&D Agreement

Allton is pleased to announce the signing of an R&D Agreement with Aker BP. The two companies agree to investigate the feasibility of delivering a cost-effective Multidata Acquisition Platform (MAP).

The joint industry project aims to include development of a true multiphysics acquisition solution, with combinations of CSEM, seismic node acquisition and seabed sampling. The first step in testing of the concept will be the further development and fjord trials of the seismic node vehicle and seabed sampling solutions. 

“We are excited about this opportunity to cooperate further with Aker BP to develop a key part of our cost-effective Multidata Acquisition Platform in 2024. We anticipate this exciting new technology will have a real impact on the O&G and CCS industries.”

Aslak Myklebostad, CEO of Allton

December 2023


Use of Allton’s technology can reduce GHG emissions in the oil and gas exploration cycles, thereby playing an important role in lower carbon emission ambitions.  

CSEM is also a geophysical tool which should form part of any CCS portfolio of MMV technologies. EM measurements provide relevant data to ensure CO2 remains contained in geological formations in marine environments. 


Consistent use of our technology as part of your exploration and production monitoring strategy will reduce the number of non-commercial exploration and production wells.


Our CSEM technology solutions will improve return on investment by shortening the cycle time from exploration to production as well as improving recovery rates.


Use of Allton`s technology may reduce the emissions in the oil and gas exploration and production cycles, playing an important role in lower carbon emission ambitions.

Save costs

Consistent use of Allton`s technology will reduce the number of non-commercial exploration and production wells.

Higher return

Allton`s technology will improve return on investments by shortening the time cycle from exploration to production and improve recovery rates.

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