Multiphysics Acquisition Platform (MAP)

After years of R&D, Allton has developed a ground-breaking Multiphysics Acquisition Platform (MAP) for multiphysics acquisition and enabling the joint deployment and recovery of both EM and seismic OBN nodes – all without the use of ROV’s. The MAP consists of the following equipment: 

Drop & Pop vehicle

The Drop & Pop vehicle (patent pending) is a standalone unit designed for the deployment and recovery of seismic OBN without the use of ROV’s.  

Allton researched and developed this tool as a result of increased interest in cost-effective sparse node grid seismic acquisition. It can be used to complement the multiphysics nodes if a denser seismic survey is required. 

The Drop & Pop vehicle has also been designed for use with other seabed environmental measurement tools, e.g. water temperature, pH, salinity.

multiphysics nodeS / Receivers

The Allton R&D Team has developed a unique multiphysics acquisition node which can be used to acquire OBN seismic as well as EM/MT data . The unit can take  seismic nodes widely available in the market place <14 kg weight in seawater.  The node has been tested with Shearwater and GeoSpace nodes. 

Over two decades of operational experience and data analysis have provided valuable insight for the latest design of the EM receiver which improves data quality and ensures efficient and safe operations. 

  • New node design delivers high data accuracy matching the best quality data available on the market.
  • Smart node design for integrated and effective operations, minimum maintenance and down time.
  • Capacity to host additional geophysical measurement tools.


Efficiency + Versatility

Our new source has a hydrodynamic design for higher towing speed and improved operational performance. It allows for flexible source configurations for multiple applications.

Hydrocarbon exploration and production monitoring, CO2 Measurement, Monitoring & Verification (MMV), Seabed Mineral Exploration, and shallow hazards/gas.

Mobilisation on a Vessel of Opportunity

Modular containerised system designed for easy and economical logistics, mobilisation and demobilisation on a vessel of choice. 

Classical back deck configuration for use on any suitable vessel of opportunity.


For further questions related to the equipment please contact our Chief Technology Officer, Svein Ellingsrud.