G&G Services

Allton has a dedicated team of experienced geoscientists with vast industry knowledge to evaluate technical challenges and follow a project from the feasibility and planning stage to the acquisition stage and onto data inversion. The team can deliver inverted data to the client as final product or can assist the client with data interpretation and upgrading the geological model.  

Feasibility modelling

Sensitivity and recoverability studies can be carried out to evaluate the feasibility of a prospect. Input models are generated in close cooperation with oil company experts to optimize results and provide a founded recommendation. Frequency domain CSEM modelling is performed in 1D, 2.5D and 3D.

Survey design

Survey layout and acquisition parameters are optimized based on modelling results to address the project specific objectives while also ensuring cost effectiveness.

EM Data Evaluation

After offshore data processing data attribute analysis is performed using Allton`s proprietary software. Extracted attributes are analyzed and the data conditioned before inversion.


The subsurface electrical resistivity distribution is recovered through inversion of the EM field data. Allton has 3D, 2.5D and 1D inversion algorithms for the CSEM Frequenc domain data. Inversions can be performed either unconstrained or constrained, where additional a priori information can be incorporated step by step. Standard workflows allow structural guiding of the inversion based on seismic data.

Integration and interpretation

The inverted resistivity volumes will be combined with other geophysical data sets to achieve updated geological models with improved understanding of the subsurface.

Allton will provide all of these G&G the services during a project; from evaluation and design through acquisition, data QC, inversion and  updating of the geological model or alternatively a client can choose to use Allton for a dedicated task in the process.

Allton can also offer consulting on a day rate basis for projects related to existing data EM data evaluation, second opinion work, project QC and other related EM services upon request. 

For more information contact Allton´s
CTO Dr. Svein Ellingsrud.  (+47) 48 12 54 12