Allton places a high priority on R&D in order to provide our clients with the most advanced world class EM technology and services. 

By combining the acquisition of EM with seismic, Allton aims to deliver a more cost-efficient solution while at the same time providing data for high confidence analysis of lithology and saturation distribution. To achieve these goals, Allton has developed a complete technology and service package:
  • Multiphysics Acquisition Platform (MAP) enabling OBN seismic and EM joint deployment and recovery.
  • Complementary Drop & Pop vehicle (patent pending) for seismic OBN for standalone or denser seismic sampling. The Drop & Pop vehicle can also be used with other seabed measurement equipment, e.g. water temperature, pH, salinity.
  • Neither the MAP nor Drop & Pop vehicle require the use of ROV.
  • Full processing and imaging Software Suite (2.5D and 3D Gauss-Newton inversion algorithms). 
  • The equipment size and modular containerised solution have been designed for installation on vessels of opportunity such as standard platform supply vessels. 
Multiphysics Acquisition = Cost Reduction + Time Savings + More Data + Lower Carbon Footprint

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