About us

Allton is a Technology and Service company that specialises in subsurface EM acquisition and imaging for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, CO₂ Measurement, Monitoring & Verification, and Marine Mineral Exploration.

Allton is a competency leader in its field.

Our R&D Team has developed new critical Multiphysics technologies to meet future energy demands and address climate mitigation challenges. Our cutting-edge innovations include new service offerings for Multiphysics Solutions :

Multiphysics Acquisition Platform without the use of ROV’s

EM + Seismic OBN

Drop & Pop Vehicle (patent pending) for deployment and recovery of Seismic OBN (can also be utilised with tools to measure temperature, pH, salinity)

The Allton Story

In 2005, PetroMarker AS was founded in Stavanger with the establishment of an office and workshop to develop CSEM technologies for the acquisition of marine EM data and provision of G&G services to the oil and gas industry. The Company has since expanded to offices in Oslo, Houston and Rio de Janiero, as well as having representation in Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi and Al Khobar.

With the rebranding of Petromarker to Allton in 2021 came a change in R&D strategy and direction. Allton is now at the stage where we can soon provide our clients with the most technologically advanced CSEM acquisition equipment, software suite, and inversion codes. We continue to place a heavy emphasis on the value of in-house R&D and customer experience, so we can offer the best proprietary products and services to our clients.

As a result of these advances, our services have expanded into two additional markets: 


  • Effective measurement, monitoring and verification (MMV) of CO2 for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) in offshore geological formations.
  • Seabed mineral exploration.

The Allton name represents what our core business is all about, 

which is establishing volumes – whether of oil and gas, CO2 or minerals. 

Allton = All Volumes.

Allton Timeline

Our Goals

Our goals are to provide insights to our clients for better decision making, improved success rates, and cost savings in a sustainable manner while striving to have a positive impact on the environment and addressing the world’s energy needs and climate concerns. To achieve our goals, we focus on researching and developing the most advanced EM technologies applicable not only to hydrocarbon exploration and production but also CO2 MMV for CCS. We aim to become the preferred global CSEM service provider and reward our investors accordingly.

environment and Sustainability

We shall cause zero harm to people and strive to have a positive impact on the environment by:

Providing technology and services that will optimise our client’s exploration and production drilling performance while also contributing to a reduction in offshore CO2 emissions.

  • Fewer dry holes – Aiding the exploration decision process for greater rates of success, lowering drilling time, yielding reductions in cost, and thus reducing CO2 emissions offshore from the drilling of unnecessary wells.
  • Increased recovery, reduced costs, and lower emissions.
  • Data for both production well placement and reservoir monitoring feeds into the reservoir model for more correct well placement, assessing changes in the reservoir, and to contribute to the understanding and implementation of IOR/EOR plans yielding less CO2 emissions offshore.

We provide the most advanced EM technology for monitoring of carbon capturing and sequestration projects.

  • Many experts agree that carbon capture and storage is an imperative and necessary component to reach climate goals.
  • A CSEM monitoring system can provide accurate measurement of CO2 that is compressed and injected into offshore underground geological formations for safe, secure and permanent storage.


Ensuring that all our operations are assessed with regards to risk to humans and impact on the environment is the foundation of Allton’s operational structure.

Our Operating Management System is based upon the OGP 510 framework.  We are certified to the ISO 90001, 14001 & 45001 standards.    


We are guided by our values of respect, honesty, integrity and accountability.

Embedded in our principles are the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors and partners.

To help us achieve our goals we have developed the following guidance documents:

Code of conduct

QHSE policy